Thursday, 30 April 2015

Throne of Glass series - Sarah J. Mass

Hey Friends!!
So I've been of the grid for AGES and I know it! But honestly I haven't really been reading and in the mood to write lately.. Plus I moved back to Uni and I just don’t read when I'm at uni. I think because whenever I start reading a book I get too attached and feel like I should be getting attached to a text book or something.

Anyway a few months ago (before uni) I read the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and holy shit! This series is amazing!!
My sister read these before me and automatically made me read them once she had finished and I am so glad she did.
this series has the best main character I have aver read about, and ive read a lot of books with an awesome protagonist but Celaena takes the trophy for the best! She is such a powerhouse and she knows it. She's not modest about her looks and ability, she knows she's good and that’s what I like best. Usually books have main characters that come out and surprise people by how amazing they are, but Celaena was amazing from the start!
The last one ended with a slight cliff hanger and I have to wait till later this year until the next one comes out :(
Sarah J. Maas has written a few spinoff books as well, however I haven't started reading them. Actually I'm avoiding the first one because I know someone who I don’t want to dies :(

Anyway if you have the chance to read these I highly recommend it! They are AMAZING!!