Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Lux series - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Lux series:
Obsidian - 2011

Ok guys so I finally FINALLY read the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
Its been on my list for a little while but I just didn't get around to it until now, and boy am I glad I did! I read all 5 of them in about a week, and that was between studying for Uni and travelling around England. I found that every spare moment I had went into reading these books, it also helped that I had them on my phone so they were accessible to me where ever I went.

So they centre around Katy who's the typical protagonist in a YA fantasy novel. She's funny, attractive, (even though she doesn't know it) and seems vulnerable but actually has good instincts when shit goes down. Katy moved to West Virginia and of course ends up living next to two alien twins, Daemon and Dee. Dee is really friendly and her a Katy become friends straight away and Daemon is incredibly hot. At first he seems like a total douche bag, but I think he is one of the best male figures i've read about in a long long time. He's super whitty, hot, big headed, hot, funny, hot, sarcastic, hot, romantic, oh and did I say Hot? Daemon makes this series as good as it is and having Katy retaliate his comments ends up putting me in a fit of giggles and weird alien fantasies...

Anyway throughout the series you learn a lot more about Demon and Dee and where they came from. Katy ends up being in the middle of a war between humans and Luxen's (which is what Daemon and Dee are) and she almost dies multiple times, with Daemon always coming to the rescue.

There some pretty intense sexual tension going on between Katy and Daemon, which is always interesting to read about, and unlike most YA novels they actually act like normal Horney teenagers, especially Daemon who always has sex on his mind.

More stuff happens in the series obviously but I don't want to ruin too much of it. Some things are pretty predictable, but there is also moment where you're just like "WTF how did that happen", and "I knew he was a scumbag". However, Daemon and Katy's relationship always manages to melt your heart and raise your expectations of males even higher (sorry guys). They get betrayed by a lot of people and every man and their dog practically tries to kill them, but Katy and Daemon are always together, without any of that breaking up for no real reason, thing that seems to happen in a lot of books.

All around I really enjoyed reading this series. I didn't have much hope for them as I've heard pretty shit reviews about other books from Jennifer L. Armentrout but am super glad I gave these ones a go.
If your looking for a series with an awesome man in it then these are definitely the ones for you! They are intense but also funny and really keep you on your toes.

If you end up reading this series let me know what you think!

Green Rider - Kristen Britain

Hey guys!
So i've just started Uni in England and haven't really had a chance to read many books since i've been here. However, I finally finished Green Rider by Kristen Britain and can finally start another book without feeling too guilty about neglecting a half read book!

For some reason this book took me a solid three months to read. I'm not too sure why it took so long because I did think it was a really good book, I guess it just wasn't one that really captured me and made me not want to put down. Or maybe I was just too busy to properly delegate time to read it, i'm not sure...

Anyway... the book centres around a teenage girl called Karigan G'ladheon, who was expelled from her school and ended up running away, only to meet a Green rider on the road who had an important message that needed to be delivered to the king. However the Green Rider had been shot by arrows and died in front of Karigan. Most of the book tells about Karigan's journey to deliver the message to King Zachary and the back story about the history of the world and the magic - both good and evil - thats present within it.

After finishing this I do realise how good of a book it actually is, even though it did take me so long to get through. This is the first in the series and the end of it gives you a little snipit of the next book. I found it a little difficult to really connect with the characters in the book, maybe thats why I neglected it? But am eager to read the next one and see where Karigan's journey takes her next. And of course I feel a little love story coming on which is exciting!!

I bought it for $23 AUD but i'm sure it would be cheaper on amazon or something like that, and would recommend it to anyone who's interested in.
I just realised that the book was published in like the late 90's and the whole series is out, so i'm a bit late on the band wagon but will be adding the rest of the series to my 'to buy' list.

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you've read it or of any other books you think I might enjoy! xo
Thursday, 30 April 2015

Throne of Glass series - Sarah J. Mass

Hey Friends!!
So I've been of the grid for AGES and I know it! But honestly I haven't really been reading and in the mood to write lately.. Plus I moved back to Uni and I just don’t read when I'm at uni. I think because whenever I start reading a book I get too attached and feel like I should be getting attached to a text book or something.

Anyway a few months ago (before uni) I read the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and holy shit! This series is amazing!!
My sister read these before me and automatically made me read them once she had finished and I am so glad she did.
this series has the best main character I have aver read about, and ive read a lot of books with an awesome protagonist but Celaena takes the trophy for the best! She is such a powerhouse and she knows it. She's not modest about her looks and ability, she knows she's good and that’s what I like best. Usually books have main characters that come out and surprise people by how amazing they are, but Celaena was amazing from the start!
The last one ended with a slight cliff hanger and I have to wait till later this year until the next one comes out :(
Sarah J. Maas has written a few spinoff books as well, however I haven't started reading them. Actually I'm avoiding the first one because I know someone who I don’t want to dies :(

Anyway if you have the chance to read these I highly recommend it! They are AMAZING!!
Friday, 6 February 2015

Crossed, Reached- Ally Condie

Hey Guys!
So I finally finished the Matched series by Ally Condie and honestly I was just grateful to have finished it! I completely lost motivation in reading them after the first two, not because the story line wasn’t good, it was, I just wasn’t attached to the characters enough to keep going.
The story like it self was interesting, I love books about dystopian societies but I struggled to read this series.
I’m not sure if there is a forth book to this series but if there is I hoesntly don’t think I will read it. The third book didn’t finish on a cliff hanger so I think I’ll just quit this series.

The Second book, Crossed, mainly shows the journey Cassia had to take to find both Ky and the Rising. She meets a few different people along the way but the story always comes back to her and Ky’s relationship.
The Third book, Reached, is her journey within the rising and with Ky. However it also shows the cities struggles when an advanced plague breaks out and they struggle to find a cure.

I enjoyed Reached more than Crossed, however I think Matched was probably the best of the three.
Monday, 19 January 2015

The Luner Chronicals- Marissa Meyer

OMG!! At the moment 'OMG' just does not give this series enough credit! 
So this series is set in a futuristic world and is based on a fairytale story line.
Cinder is based on Cinderella, Scarlet on Little Red Riding Hood and Cress on Repunzal, and like I said, they have got to be one of the best series I have EVER read.

I'll be honest I sort of lost interest in them when reading Scarlet, I got so hooked on Cinder that all I wanted to know about was her and what was happening with her! But eventually I got really hooked on to Scarlet's story and later Cress's..
The next book to this series comes out in November I think and honestly I don't think I'll be able to wait. I haven't started to read anything else yet because I just don't think it will match up to the Lunar Chronicles.
Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Matched- Ally Condie

So this week I read Ally Condie’s book Matched. Its the first book in the series and have another 2 to follow I think. Its set in a dystopia world where absolutely everything is controlled. And I mean EVERYTHING! The ‘officials’ control how much you eat, what jobs you get, where you can go and when and of course who you end up marrying. Cassia is the protagonist and (as predicted) she falls in love with someone she’s was not matched to.
As the first book it mainly focuses on introducing us to the world they live in and also the characters. It’s not until the end where Cassia and her family are relocated and her forbidden lover is taken away that the book starts to get a little adventure into it. It leaves you wanting to know what happens in the next novel, so of course I bought it and am already half way through!

I don’t really like the way Ally Condie writes in these books.. it feels a little up-tight.. If that even a way to describe a persons writing! But they are super easy to read and I find that I can’t just fly through them!  
Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Hunger Games trilogy - Suzanne Collins

So! The next book is one I’m sure everyone has heard of! THE HUNGER GAMES!! Well actually the whole trilogy.
I read this series back in 2012, but at the time I was so curious as to what would happen I zoomed through it really really quickly and thus forgot most of what happens. When the movies came out I was thrilled to see a book I love come to life and was really happy with how they portrayed it! However I had forgotten the books so much that when Mockingjay came out in the cinemas I could barely remember what happened… and that really bugged me…
So the only logical thing to do then was read the whole series again!
To be honest I think that catching fire and Mockingjay are slight let downs after the Hunger Games, but none the less, I think Susanne Collins has a real gift of describing this other world so thoroughly that you feel as though your in the fight as well!
I think I read them all again in maybe 2 weeks, in between the travelling I was doing at the time, and I loved it completely! I wish she would put out more books based in this world though. I would love to read a bit more about Haymitch and his experience at his own Hunger Games!
And of course this book made me wonder how I would hold up if I were thrown into an arena, expected to kill 23 other people. I honestly think I would do ok. Although afterwards (if I survived) I would probably be similar to Haymitch as killing another human would completely tear me apart…