Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Matched- Ally Condie

So this week I read Ally Condie’s book Matched. Its the first book in the series and have another 2 to follow I think. Its set in a dystopia world where absolutely everything is controlled. And I mean EVERYTHING! The ‘officials’ control how much you eat, what jobs you get, where you can go and when and of course who you end up marrying. Cassia is the protagonist and (as predicted) she falls in love with someone she’s was not matched to.
As the first book it mainly focuses on introducing us to the world they live in and also the characters. It’s not until the end where Cassia and her family are relocated and her forbidden lover is taken away that the book starts to get a little adventure into it. It leaves you wanting to know what happens in the next novel, so of course I bought it and am already half way through!

I don’t really like the way Ally Condie writes in these books.. it feels a little up-tight.. If that even a way to describe a persons writing! But they are super easy to read and I find that I can’t just fly through them!