Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Hunger Games trilogy - Suzanne Collins

So! The next book is one I’m sure everyone has heard of! THE HUNGER GAMES!! Well actually the whole trilogy.
I read this series back in 2012, but at the time I was so curious as to what would happen I zoomed through it really really quickly and thus forgot most of what happens. When the movies came out I was thrilled to see a book I love come to life and was really happy with how they portrayed it! However I had forgotten the books so much that when Mockingjay came out in the cinemas I could barely remember what happened… and that really bugged me…
So the only logical thing to do then was read the whole series again!
To be honest I think that catching fire and Mockingjay are slight let downs after the Hunger Games, but none the less, I think Susanne Collins has a real gift of describing this other world so thoroughly that you feel as though your in the fight as well!
I think I read them all again in maybe 2 weeks, in between the travelling I was doing at the time, and I loved it completely! I wish she would put out more books based in this world though. I would love to read a bit more about Haymitch and his experience at his own Hunger Games!
And of course this book made me wonder how I would hold up if I were thrown into an arena, expected to kill 23 other people. I honestly think I would do ok. Although afterwards (if I survived) I would probably be similar to Haymitch as killing another human would completely tear me apart…