Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer

The second book to the Elementals series is Spark. This is a story about Gabriel Merrick, and his love Layne.
Gabriel;s element is fire and as fire is not always present like the other elements gave him a really hard time to learn control, especially mixed with his fiery personality. Like in the first book to the series, this book has a lot of drama and page turner moments, as well as a love story that will give you shivers! Everyone (including me of course) loves a bad boy turned good and thats exactly what is given in this book!  

I don't think i'll talk about the other 3 books but they all pretty much have a similar story line... they have a girl... someone tries to kill them.... they still have the girl.... and their alive!!! 
Although i should mention that 'secret' addresses more serious issues that can be relevant to some teenagers.

All together I enjoyed the series enough. It wasn't the best i've read but it sure wasn't the worst either. All of the books were very easy to read and provided a great escape from the real world!